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  • 4.50% Black Wych

    Black Wych

    Origin : U.K. ABV : 4.50%

    "Black Wych is a 4.5 % abv brew of Maris Otter Black malt, a bit of Crystal and some oats. Hops are mainly Progress with a dash of Target, all of them copper hops with no late additions."

  • 4.10% Dr. Thirsty's

    Dr. Thirsty's

    Origin : U.K. ABV : 4.10%

    Pale gold with good head. Light ale with thin maltiness and a boiled hoppiness which lacks any bitterness.

  • 4.20% Ginger Beard

    Ginger Beard

    Origin : U.K. ABV : 4.20%

    Back off it’s Ginger Beard, he’s a fiery character and his beer is no different. This amber ale is infused with fiery root ginger to deliver a spicy finish with a bit of bite. Try it if you dare!

  • 5.20% Hobgoblin


    Origin : U.K. ABV : 5.20%

    Hobgoblin is a clear dark amber ale, enhanced with the flavours of toffee, chocolate, nuts and hops in the finish, easily drinkable with a clean light feel to it.

  • 4.70% Imperial Red

    Imperial Red

    Origin : U.K. ABV : 4.70%

    Clear, red-brown colour. It’s a sweet, fruity flavour.

  • 6.60% King Goblin

    King Goblin

    Origin : U.K. ABV : 6.60%

    King Goblin is hand crafted from roasted chocolate and crystal malts, with a timely infusion of fuggles, sovereign, styrian and cascade hops to produce an indulgently rich, fyll, smooth beer of exceptional quality and character. A full, rich, sublimely fruity & satisfying indulgent beer. A beer for the connoisseur of the finer things.