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Bru Brewery

  • 5.00% Bru Ban

    Bru Ban

    Origin : Ireland ABV : 5.00%

    Bru Ban is a traditional wheat beer made using Irish barley, wheat, Belgian yeast, hops from the old and new world’s, orange peel from Spain and coriander from Asia. Sparkling citrus and wheat sharpness on the nose with smooth zesty flavours on palate.

  • 4.20% Bru Dubh

    Bru Dubh

    Origin : Ireland ABV : 4.20%

    Brú Dubh Stout is a traditional Dry Irish Stout, hand brewed using Irish Malt and a heavy first hop addition. Dubh is smooth with hints of chocolate, coffee & vanilla. Try it served with Mixed Grills, Steak, Cheeses, Potatoes / Meat dinners or fantastic with a slice of Chocolate cake!

  • 4.25% Bru Lager

    Bru Lager

    Origin : Ireland ABV : 4.25%

    Brú Lager is a Czech style lager with a new worldhop addition. It is crisp, full bodied, full of flavour and brewed using Irish malts. Brú Lager is inspired by the legend of Fionn Mac Cumhaill, the golden haired leader of the Fianna Warriors from the ancient books of Irish mythology. We brew near the banks of the Boyne River in Co. Meath, where the great story of the Salmon of Knowledge is set. Like Fionn we search for knowledge and wisdom in perfecting our brewing so we can create premium quality Irish beers. This lager will compliment Curries, Chicken and Fish dishes

  • 7.00% Bru Mor

    Bru Mor

    Origin : Ireland ABV : 7.00%

    Mór is Irish for big...and this is a big beer. A soft malt character allows the Belgian yeast to come to the fore producing tremendous peppery and spicy notes. Fantasic by itself but try it with any barbequed meats or strong flavoured cheeses and you've a unique meal to savour. Be careful, this is dangerously drinkable!

  • 5.00% Bru Ri

    Bru Ri

    Origin : Ireland ABV : 5.00%

    Brú Rí, King of Irish beers is brewed with Irish malt and four different hops. Rí is a crisp refreshingly bitter ale, with a blast of citrus, pine and floral scents on the nose.

  • 4.20% Bru Rua

    Bru Rua

    Origin : Ireland ABV : 4.20%

    The backbone of Brú Rua is a conventional caramel and red berry but overlaid with new world hops providing juicy tangerine top flavours. Brú Rua is a hearty, hand brewed, robust Irish Red Ale.