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Carrig Brewing

  • 4.20% Brazen Amber Ale

    Brazen Amber Ale

    Origin : Ireland ABV : 4.20%

    Brazen Amber Ale combines the flavours and aromas of classic earthy hops, the caramel warmth of malt, a fruity sweetness imparted by a fine yeast and caps it off with a soft, palate- cleansing bitterness to fin.

  • 4.80% Carrig Pilsner

    Carrig Pilsner

    Origin : Ireland ABV : 4.80%

    In keeping with the classic Czech beer we use “Saaz” hops and our soft Leitrim water to create a crisp thirst quenching Pilsner.

  • 4.70% Poachers Pale Ale

    Poachers Pale Ale

    Origin : Ireland ABV : 4.70%

    Poachers Pale Ale combines aromatic US hops, malted barley and wheat, and soft Leitrim water to create a satisfying and thirst quenching beer everyone can enjoy.