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Black Donkey

  • 4.60% Black Donkey Sythe

    Black Donkey Sythe

    Origin : Ireland ABV : 4.60%

    Scythe is a hand crafted blend of Irish and Belgian malts, American and Kiwi hops, and our house strain Belgian Saison yeast.

  • 4.80% Buck It Amber Ale

    Buck It Amber Ale

    Origin : Ireland ABV : 4.80%

    This beer borrows from all thee of the above styles, but it isn’t faithful to any one of them. It’s just a nice buckin’ beer is what it is. A unique blend of Irish base malt, Belgian specialty malts and American hops and yeast, Buck It traces our origins, and influences, definitely not a hop bomb, this one’s a malt bomb.

  • 5.50% Sheep Stealer

    Sheep Stealer

    Origin : Ireland ABV : 5.50%

    A traditionally brewed Saison, Sheep Stealer is dry, crisp and refreshing, with a complex aroma and flavour. Pours a cloudy golden orange, with a big pilowy white head, which slowly deflates to a lingering lace. A full aroma of spice, malt sweetness and a certain unmistakable earthy Saison “funk” first greet the nose. Aromas of citrus fruit and summer flowers, from the late English Noble Hop additions, further excite the palate. A sharp tartness is counterbalanced by a lingering malt sweetness, and a lively tongue tingling carbonation. Notes of stone fruit, citrus, and black pepper compliment each other as a subtle hop bitterness, and a distinct yeast derived spiciness round out the Sheep Stealer experience.