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Foxes Rock

  • 5.20% Foxes Rock IPA

    Foxes Rock IPA

    Origin : Ireland ABV : 5.20%

    This IPA is bursting with fruity hop flavour due to the generous dry hopping, balanced with malty and biscuit flavours from the malt.

  • 4.50% Foxes Rock Pale Ale

    Foxes Rock Pale Ale

    Origin : Ireland ABV : 4.50%

    Smooth and easy drinking pale ale with citrus and grapefruit notes. Finishing clean and crisp with a light hop bite and a touch of pine.

  • 4.50% Foxes Rock Red Ale

    Foxes Rock Red Ale

    Origin : Ireland ABV : 4.50%

    Foxes Rock Red Ale is a dark auburn ale with subtle biscuit and caramel flavours from specialty malts, balanced by a light bitterness and spicy flavour from carefully selected Challenger hops.

  • 4.50% Foxes Rock Stout

    Foxes Rock Stout

    Origin : Ireland ABV : 4.50%

    Topped with a creamy head, the stout is smooth and full bodied. The black malt provides dark chocolate and coffee character to the beer.