It is scary to see some problems on your wall, especially if this is just a new one. You try your very best to get rid of those problems and even solve them by doing some hacks. That can be difficult when you don’t know any of those hacks and then you are just trying to guess whatever you can think of just to solve the problem. If you have noticed something for quite a long time, then this is not a new case for you. You just let those problems slip away and then you suffer this time. 

This is the same thing with the popcorn ceiling removal. There is a bigger chance that you need to get rid of the ceiling because of problems such as water dripping from your roof. If that’s the case, then you must check the roof and then the ceiling right after it. The moisture starts to build there, and this can be hard to solve, especially when you notice some mold already. You shouldn’t wait for those things to be more serious before you take any action or move to repair the problems. This can be a continuous problem if you are not going to have any ideas on how to solve it. 

If you have bought this house recently, then you must check the history of the house. You can ask the owner as well about the possible problems of the house so that you can resolve them anytime soon. It is more difficult to solve a problem when you have no clue where to start. You cannot simply check everything inside the house just to get to know of the problems. You can ask them to be honest when it comes to the history of dripping water from the ceiling. This can damage your ceiling and even the drywall on your wall. 

If you are going to touch the drywall and then it is soft, then the problem has been continuous. It means that this is not a new problem that you can just solve right away, but you must figure out the real cost of this. It could be inside the wall or coming from the gutter of the roof. Others would like to check the overall structure of the house for some possible problems as well, but when you notice mold or decay parts on the ceiling or on the drywall itself, then there is water behind it. 

Of course, that is very difficult to solve on your own, especially if you don’t know the steps to resolve it. The only thing that you can do here is to hire those professional drywall constructors or for your ceiling. You can ask them for a possible quotation before they take any action for you to prepare your budget. Number not to touch this one in case you are planning to repair it on your own. You can make the situation even worse if you are going to try it.